Our Approach

Gorilla Chiropractic provides more than a quick fix. We focus on a physical style of therapy for those that want to feel like they have been worked on. Gorilla Chiropractic invests in non-invasive technology to diagnose and track your progress, along with modern tools in addition to physical therapy. Some of which include:

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Surface Electromyographic to measure how nerves are working from spine to muscles

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Stress Test HRV

Heart rate variability scan to check how your body adapts to stress

The Activator

An adjustment instrument

The Impulse Gun

An adjustment instrument


Most frequent questions and answers

First visit:
The first visit is an 30-minute discovery session consisting of a thorough health history check, physical exam, and relevant scans if clinically needed. We will go through:

1) What is going on with your health
2) What things you want specific help with
3) Review what other underlying factors could be affecting your health
4) If and how we can help

Second visit – The follow up consultation:
If we find any problems we can help with, we will go through a thorough report explaining all the findings and outline different options for care.

You choose what you want to do and in this visit, we can do the first adjustment here. We believe it is critical to know what exactly is going on and what health outcomes you’d like to achieve before performing an adjustment.

“A chiropractic adjustment is the application of a specific force in a precise direction, applied skilfully to a spinal joint that is fixated, “locked up”, or not moving as it should. This can help improve or restore motion to the joint, helping the spine to gradually regain more normal motion and function.

There are many ways to adjust the spine. Usually the chiropractor’s hands or a specially designed instrument delivers a brief and highly-accurate thrust. Some adjusting methods are quick, whereas others require a slow, constant or indirect pressure.

Restoring better spinal function can help improve mobility, vitality, and endurance.” – Australian Chiropractic Association

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Chiropractors diagnose, treat and prevent mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the effects of these disorders on the function of the nervous system and general health. They are also trained to facilitate health promotion and lifestyle advice, rehabilitation and patient education.

If you are unsure how we can help, please contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

For more information, please visit health direct Australia.

No, you do not require a GP referral to see us.

Yes we accept all major funds and have the HICAPS system on-site so you can claim straight away.

If you would like know the specific amount you can get from your insurer, please contact them directly.

The initial consult will go for 30 minutes.

Absolutely. Despite being recognised amongst the FIFO and athletes in our Perth community, we serve a wide range of people with different needs. Everyone is welcome at Gorilla Chiropractic!

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How Chiropractic
Care Can Help

How Chiropractic
Care Can Help

We Provide Care For
FIFO Workers Families Fit Fam


Fifo and Tradies commonly experience work related pain, stress and poor sleep. Our focus is to keep this group strong and working so they can earn a living.


We see families and kids from age 4 onwards. For kids, we commonly use low force tools like the ACTIVATOR instead of manual adjustments. This is depending on the clients respective goals, age and preference.

Fit Fam

We address the FULL BODY and not simply the spine. Our doctors are athletes and understand the demands of sport. Gorilla chiropractic also sponsors a number of WA’s top athletes in crossfit, BJJ, MMA, boxing, bodybuilding, pole, etc.

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